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The Reflection Project

The Reflection Project by Yoko Ono


On Display at The Frederick Hotel

Produced by Lower Manhattan Cultural Council

The Frederick Hotel has partnered with LMCC's The Reflection Project as one of the iconic buildings to display Yoko Ono's text artworks which will be repeated throughout Lower Manhattan in New York City.
The Reflection Project with Yoko Ono is part of the 2019 River To River Festival , presented by LMCC - Downtown New York City's completely free summer arts festival, from June 18-29, 2019. During the Festival, performances and events celebrate artistic and creative diversity in all its forms throughout spaces in Lower Manhattan. The 2019 program focuses on themes of slowing down, reflecting, and imagining. Learn more and RSVP via Facebook here.
Yoko Ono is an internationally recognized artist working across multiple mediums and has been exhibited widely within the gallery and museum context, as well as also been awarded a number of public art commissions. The Reflection Project will highlight Yoko Ono's text artworks and will see these works repeated across Downtown NYC in storefront windows, on screens in the Oculus World Trade Center and Fulton transit hubs, and on bus shelters in Lower Manhattan.
Major support for The Reflection Project provided by Alliance for Downtown New York.


In keeping with the LMCC tradition of occupying various spaces within the shifting landscape of New York City, The Reflection Project will present works by Yoko Ono across Lower Manhattan in non-traditional spaces.
The project seeks to counter the relentless pace of the everyday by inviting the passerby to engage with a realm of expanded consciousness and personal reflection through Yoko Ono's instructive text works. By activating mundane spaces and transforming them into vehicles of mindful communication, the project seeks to perform urban acupuncture, stimulating the city's vast nerve network, and opening channels of communication and action grounded in thought rather than impulse.
Each piece is a prompt. Through The Reflection Project, Ono speaks directly to New Yorkers to rally the collective consciousness towards heightened awareness, hope and action.


Yoko Ono's iconic status is woven into the fabric of New York. Her fierce strength, passion, creativity, and originality reflects the very pulse of the city and armours its citizens with pride and resilience.
Her unbridled hope for world love and peace, her activist commitment to living with consciousness, mindfulness and awareness of yourself and others has remained pure, true and fundamental to who she is throughout her life, making her figure of splendid revolution with timeless importance. Like no other, Yoko Ono's work whether it be performed, written, spoken or danced, cuts through the noise, and communicates with a startling and profound simplicity.


Founded as Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, LMCC serves, connects, and makes space for artists and community. Since 1973, LMCC has been the quiet champion for independent artists and the cultural life force of Lower Manhattan. Learn more by visiting
LMCC Serves Artists through: Residencies that enable artists to experiment and develop their work and ideas, with professional development, financial training, and networking opportunities; Grant funding to artists that support local/neighborhood projects; Presentation opportunities that allow artists to share their work and creative process with the public
LMCC Serves Community through: Free public programs in Lower Manhattan that activate neighborhoods and bring people together through performances and rich artistic experiences; Access to artists and the artmaking process to build connections and dialogue between artists and audiences; Grant funding for neighborhood arts and community-based organizations


LMCC presents the 18th edition of River To River, Downtown New York City's completely free summer arts festival. Performances and events celebrate artistic and creativity in all of its forms throughout spaces in Lower Manhattan. This year's festival encourages the discovery of what arises when we all slow down. Learn more by visiting